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catnascar driver operates d11t from miles away

nascar® driver remotely operates d11t from 150 miles away. for a guy who spends his time behind the wheel of a car going upwards of 200 miles per hour you might wonder what else it takes to get nascar driver ryan newmans adrenaline pumping. apparently its operating a massive ® mining machine.

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aug 17 2010· from mining the oil sands of alberta to boring under the english channel some of the most extreme machines made by man are devoted to digging. we take a

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the bagger 288 stripmining machine has gained plenty of notoriety on the internet mainly on account of looking like it was designed to kill. it isn't at all but you can't fault us for jumping

top 7 biggest mining excavators in the world massive luminant mining machine goes out with a blast

massive luminant mining machine goes out with a blast 07.26.2013 written by with current and former luminant employees looking on winfield south mine's largest and most distinctive piece of equipment took its final bow sunday june 17.

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about this course. welcome to the selfpaced version of mining of massive datasets! the course is based on the text mining of massive datasets by jure leskovec anand rajaraman and jeff ullman who by coincidence are also the instructors for the course. the book is published by cambridge univ. press but by arrangement with the publisher you can download a free copy here.

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apr 27 2015· big bigger biggest! 3 massive machines that move! worlds biggest / largest ever built!bagger 293 is the biggest terrestrial vehicle of all time and the biggest mining machine ever

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24 digging machines that created a world beneath our feet. attila nagy.whirling steel teeth of thiscontinuous mining machine chew coal from the face of the of two massive tunnel

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a bucketwheel excavator bwe is a heavy equipment machine used in surface mining.. the primary function of bwes is to act as a continuous digging machine in largescale openpit mining operations removing thousands of tons of overburden a day. what sets bwes apart from other largescale mining equipment such as bucket chain excavators is their use of a large wheel consisting of a

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our ongoing r&d includes innovative designs for large gears used in mining shovels draglines drills oil and gas and mineral processing equipment. massive booms and machine structures. l&h also has advanced capabilities for manufacturing rebuilding and upgrading machine structures of all sizes.

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8the course will discuss data mining and machine learning algorithms for analyzing very large amounts of data. the emphasis will be on map reduce as a tool for creating parallel algorithms that can process very large amounts of data. in spring 2018 we will be offering a project based course where

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bagger 288 excavator 288 built by the german company krupp for the energy and mining firm rheinbraun is a bucketwheel excavator or mobile strip mining machine. when its construction was completed in 1978 bagger 288 superseded big muskie as the heaviest land vehicle in

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data mining as the construction of a statistical model that is an underlyingthere are some who regard data mining as synonymous with machine learning.hidden within massive amounts of data. this section is a discussion of the problem including bonferronis principle a warning against overzealous use

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jul 12 2017· photos: life inside of chinas massive and remote bitcoin mines.packing materials for mining machines pile up beside the watercooling system at a bitcoin mine in sichuan province.

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mining machines are a class of special very large machinery developed for use by the open cast coal industry and the quarrying industry. these machines are often purchased specifically for one job site. as they are so massive they are built on site from sections shipped in by rail car or low