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this is an essential machine for cassava starch production. the cassava starch centrifugal sieve equipment (centrifuge separator) is made of high grade stainless steel with a special treatment on the surface which makes it oil resistant and dirt proof. the rotating basket which is calibrated by the dynamic balance precision of the authoritative

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disc separator can be used in cassava starch production process. its main function in processing of starch is to separate protein and cell liquid out of slurry. besides it can also be used for the enrichment and purification of starch slurry.

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cassava starch production line main machines. cassava starch processing process: doing company manufactured cassava starch production line adopts the wet processing technology of starch production without adding any additives. the whole process is mature in technology advanced in equipment scientific in configuration and reasonable in process.

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concentrate starch slurry with disc separator is a main step of making cassava starch. disc separator is mainly used for protein separation in the starch production industry like corn starch sweet potato starch cassava starch and potato starch etc. concentrate starch slurry with disc separator is necessary for purifying starch.disc separator is also one kind of settling centrifuge which

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after the above process the starch milk basically complies with the requirements of the finished product and the following is the dehydration and drying section. tapioca separating machine. in the dewatering section: the concentration of starch milk from the disc separator is generally 18-20obé.