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but that’s not the only area to find gold in minnesota or wisconsin. gold prospectors say the precious metal can be found throughout the region.

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the hidee vein is just one of many mined areas that produced gold in what has been called the “richest square mile on earth.” so if you see a piece of pyrite on the ground in this area

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in addition placers associated with gravels that are stream remnants from an older erosion cycle occur in the same general area. alaska placer deposits. much of the gold produced in alaska was mined from placers. these deposits are widespread occurring along many of the major rivers and their tributaries.

ryan zinke approves ban on new mining claims on public

u.s. interior secretary ryan zinke approved a 20-year ban on new mining claims in the towering mountains north of yellowstone national park on monday after two proposed gold mines raised concerns

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the united states is the third-largest gold-producing country after south africa and australia. mines in nevada account for more than 80 percent of u.s. production. according to a 2005 article in the new york times nevada had approximately 20 open pit gold mines about half of the active mines in the united states.

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gold mining in the united states has taken place continually since the discovery of gold at the reed farm in north carolina in 1799. the first documented occurrence of gold was in virginia in 1782. some minor gold production took place in north carolina as early as 1793 but created no excitement.

the best gold mining in arizona: a county-by-county

most of this has come from the various lode mines in the black mountains and from the mining town of oatman. gold basin is another good area for gold prospecting. gold is scattered over a very large area. drywashing is productive if you can locate a rich place to dig. this is a very popular area for gold mining in arizona.