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12 aug 2017 the world's second largest machine is the mighty giant bucket wheel excavator bagger 293. this is a titan amongst giants. it was built in

bagger 288

bagger 288 (excavator 288) built by the german company krupp for the energy and mining firm rheinbraun is a bucket wheel excavator or mobile strip mining machine. when its construction was completed in 1978 bagger 288 superseded big muskie as the heaviest land vehicle in the world the largest self propelled land vehicle in the world since bucket wheel

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24 apr 2015 you've seen the images. you've heard the names. now it's time you get the details.

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located in the north east of hungary mátra runs the opencast lignite mine bükkábrány world's largest compact bucket wheel excavator; capacity 6.700lm3/h

meet the 31 million pound bucket wheel excavator. the largest land

9 apr 2014 deemed the largest land vehicle in history by the guinness book of world records the bagger 293 is the single best digging machine man has

bagger 288 a giant among bucket wheel excavators

one of the world's heaviest land vehicles is in use at the garzweiler open pit the bagger 288 was the largest bucket wheel excavator in the world and it is

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31 jul 2017 massive machines. this is the least we can say about the world's heftiest mining excavators out there. some of these beasts can weigh more

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the bagger 293 proclaimed to be the world's largest excavator. it also holds the record for the largest man made land vehicle in the history of the equipment.

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you may be familiar with the bucket wheel excavator bagger 288 the largest land vehicle in the world. that's just one of many extraordinary super sized

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18 aug 2015 7 of the world's greatest and rhydest construction records the bagger 293 is not only the largest excavator but also holds the record for

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17 mar 2017 hydraulic shovels come next especially the /bucyrus rh400 a mining monster typically found in mines around the world. the machine

45000 ton coal mining machine has blade the size of a four storey

28 jan 2015 the colossal piece of machinery can be found at the world's biggest single coal excavation site the bogatyr mine near the city of ekibastuz in

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25 jul 2017 photo gallery the world's 10 biggest excavators. biggest excavator in the world. up to 96 metres (105 yd.) high and 14200 tonnes in weight

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20 dec 2013 the bucyrus rh400 owned by is the world's biggest hydraulic excavator. it was originally launched by in germany in 1997

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30 jan 2014 the mine site has some of the largest machines and equipment on 's new 6090fs hydraulic shovel is the world's largest by capacity just

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26 apr 2012 the $100 million bagger 288 (excavator 288) built by the german company krupp (now thyssenkrupp) for the energy and mining firm

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world largest excavator germany coal mining world's biggest surface mining mining excavation equipment mining equipment heavy equipment.

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17 aug 2010 many of the extreme machines on our list have spent time in mines but the world's largest hydraulic shovel inspired the vehicle form of the

the world's biggest mining excavator bagger 288

31 oct 2016 the world's biggest mining excavator bagger 288. анна колчанова. loading unsubscribe from анна колчанова? cancel unsubscribe.

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12 mar 2007 built by krupp (now thyssenkrupp) of germany the bagger 288 excavator is the world's largest land vehicle. it is now owned and operated by

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27 jul 2018 a look at the top 10 biggest man operated machines in the world. in 2012 unveiled the largest hydraulic mining shovel ever built.

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abstract. bucket wheel excavators operating in open pit mines are the largest movable machinery in the world. due to that fact preparation and realization of

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18 aug 2017 amazing giant machines such as excavators bulldozers haul trucks or rotary drills. visit the channel and subscribe new video's weekly!

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24 apr 2017 taller than the statue of liberty and heavier than the eiffel tower this german mining machine is one of the largest land vehicles on earth.